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We take it upon ourselves to provide you the kind of service YOU will deem impeccable. We recognize the term “CARE” may have different expressions as we relate with many unique people in unique situations. This is why we go all-out to understand what YOU require, what makes YOU happy, what love means to YOU.

Anthonia cared for my beautiful wife Joan O Brien for over a year until her passing in 2020 RIP. Anthonia was very reliable and excellent at time keeping and showed upmost respect to Joan and my family.The time Anthonia spent with Joan, it became immediately evident that she really loves her work and has very kind and compassionate nature. She provided Joan with exceptional care and my wife was always very pleased to see her. Anthonia took time to get to know Joan's likes and made sure to incorporate them in their time together. Anthonia has a very positive outlook and that reflects on her work and relationship she built with Joan and always had Joan's best interest at heart
Patrick O Brien
Anthonia cared for our 88 year old mum who required personal care due to failing eyesight from July 2007 to September 2009. I remember the first day Anthonia arrived to meet our mum, bouncing into our Kitchen, full of life and energy. Mum and Anthonia hit it off immediately. She is kind, gentle, warmhearted and always treated mum like she was special. She was generous with her time calling round on special occasions. Mum loved to keep up with the news and Anthonia was able to relate to mum on any topic of interest. She stayed overnight in the house which gave the family a sense of comfort knowing that mum was well cared for and could call on Anthonia at any time. Anthonia is an excellent carer, professional and thoughtful.
Cathy Quilan
At the hardest time in my life I needed people I could trust impeccably, people who were grounded, that I could rely on to be there without fail. Every member of the team needed to give 100% and Anthonia didn’t let me down. I would highly recommend her services and encourage you to invite her into your life. professional and thoughtful.
Frank Wiley
Anthonia James is a caring angel. My husband Jim has multiple illnesses including bone cancer and vascular dementia. Anthonia brought joy to our lives when she helped with his care. She ensured he was happy while doing his many exercises. She motivated and encouraged him. Anthonia is strong, capable and totally informed when dealing with caring needs. I had and have confidence in respect for and gratitude to Anthonia for enriching our lives. When Jim went into long term care Anthonia went into visit and feed him many times. As a family we remain grateful for the commitment and care Anthonia gave Jim.
Anne Fox

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We are passionate about care as we have old parents ourselves who live far away. We understand the importance of giving dignity to our loved ones as we watched our own once agile independent parent grows old and need care. It’s personal for us in that sense.
Remi Kolawole

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