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Who are we?

We are Big Heart health care services. We provide healthcare for the elderly, convalesce, or individuals who requires some support to live an independent life. We are determined to make a difference and to have a positive impact on our community. 

I am Anthonia. I have been a health care worker in Ireland for over 15 years. I have found purpose and fulfillment in caring for older people and people living with disabilities. I am passionate about providing support in a way that maintains the client’s dignity and respect.

I love bringing light and joy to the familiarity of the client’s home. I have been a peoples’ person all my life and my true life mission is to care for others like I would my mother

Hello, I’m Remi. My deepest motive is to bring help and support to my local community which has taken many shapes over the last 20 years that I have lived in Ireland.

When I met Anthonia, I recognised myself in her. We have the same heart and goal in life to be a positive force in our communities. Having worked as a Software Quality Engineer on various multinational projects in Ireland, I bring my vision and knowledge to Big Heart Care Services.

Our passion for helping, combined knowledge and experience allows us to bring the best into the company.

We have both been living in Cork for over 20 years so we know what the craic is. We have been in the situation of having to find health care assistance for our parents, so we understand what it takes to search for and to entrust your loved ones into the care of another.

Here at Big heart care services, we pride ourselves on the quality of care we provide to you and your loved ones in the comfort of your own homes. We endeavour to nurture and maintain the bond you share and cherish with your family, friends and the community at large, further contributing to your total wellbeing.

Promoting your independence is at the forefront of our priorities, we place emphasis in assisting you and your loved ones with the essential tasks in your daily life, such as your physiological, social, emotional, spiritual and bodily needs. Our care and services are personal and tailored to you, we will render as little or as much support as is necessary to enable you to live a truly fulfilled life irrespective of your age or mobility. 

All of our caregivers and representatives are vetted to the highest of standards and you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands, we are intentionally in our selection process to hire, train and upskill the best of individuals to cater for your needs.

We are proud to inform you that Big heart care services have raised the bar in the Care sector here in Cork City, all of our qualified carers are certified to a minimum of FETAC Level 5 certification, all personnel are Garda vetted and our hiring managers also carry out additional in-house reference checks to ensure the safety of all our clients so that you receive the best care from our highly skilled caregivers.

We do not compromise on quality, we are passionate about what we do, what we do is care and we care with empathy and compassion at all times. We provide you and your loved ones with 24/7 on-call service for your peace of mind, when you need us, we’re here to be there for you.

We genuinely engage in meaningful conversations and partake in activities in your areas of interest so there are no disruptions to the things you care about. Your beliefs are important to us and we value your viewpoints, as such you will be treated with the utmost respect at all times irrespective of our individual beliefs however we will always stay true to our core values.

We do this because we care.

Our Values

Respect & Safety

Respect and safety for your loved ones. Respect for beliefs, habits, needs and culture is fundamental. All of our hire carers are Garda vetted and receive appropriate training when hired

Person Centred

Our job is doing more than is expected. We don’t only cook meals, tidy up the home or help with personal care. We listen, laugh, share stories, anecdotes, we play. When the care is genuine, it brings joy and light into the loves of those we care for.


We are meticulous in our approach to matching clients to care assistants. We do so with consideration to personal interests of both clients and carers. We also look at the experience of the carer in relation to the needs of the client.

Our Work Ethic

Big Heart Care Services is a self managed company. We conduct the entire process of hiring our caregivers internally. We check their qualifications and experiences. After being hired, all caregivers will follow a comprehensive training program. We make sure everyone shares, understands and applies the same work ethic across all Big Heart Care Services team: 

Cultural Awareness

We know that change can be difficult, and we are here to make the journey easier for you and your loved ones. We place an unwavering focus on building one-on-one, working relationships with each client and caregiver, in order to uphold this commitment all our caregivers undergo training in the continuity of care to properly document details of each visit so that the level of care provided is consistent and ensure that we have an accurate and dependable record of the client’s state.

Continuity Of Care

Continuity of Care: is of core importance to us as all sources of change may be stressful to our clients. We are driven to build one-on-one relationships with each client client and carer, but as this is not always feasible, we train our staff to properly document details of each visit so that the level of care provided is consistent and the knowledge of the client’s state is of the utmost recency.

Focus On Hygiene

As we strive to ensure the safest environment possible for the client. We are highly conscious of COVID19 regulations, adhere to all safety protocols and ensure that our caregivers wear full personal protective equipment during each visit in line with the HSE guidelines.

Looking for a family-like caregiver?

Send a request, let us know how we can help you?

We are passionate about care as we have old parents ourselves who live far away. We understand the importance of giving dignity to our loved ones as we watched our own once agile independent parent grows old and need care. It’s personal for us in that sense.
Remi Kolawole

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