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Big Heart Care Services, a home care services agency that puts the needs of you and your loved ones first.

Anthonia cared for my beautiful wife Joan O Brien for over a year until her passing in 2020 RIP. Anthonia was very reliable and excellent at time keeping and showed upmost respect to Joan and my family.The time Anthonia spent with Joan, it became immediately evident that she really loves her work and has very kind and compassionate nature. She provided Joan with exceptional care and my wife was always very pleased to see her. Anthonia took time to get to know Joan's likes and made sure to incorporate them in their time together. Anthonia has a very positive outlook and that reflects on her work and relationship she built with Joan and always had Joan's best interest at heart. Anthonia is an excellent carer, professional and thoughtful.
Patrick O Brien
Past Client

Who Are We?

We know it takes faith and trust to entrust the care of a loved one in the hands of a stranger. We also know that home care is a wonderful opportunity for families to maintain a strong bond and keep sharing happy moments together.

We’re in your shoes with our own parents being taken care of in their home, abroad, by “strangers”, we know how hard it can be to give your trust.

We decided to create the service we would like to offer to our family with strong values and powerful work ethic:

Need care services?

Our Services

We will provide a range of services, including home help services, personal care services, live-in services, and companionship services. Here is a brief outline of the services we provide:

Home Help

Services such as household chores, cooking and running errands.

Personal Care

Our carers go the extra length to establish trust with our clients


We build a personal and friendly
connection with our clients

Live-In Care

We deploy dedicated caregivers
to be stationed with your loved ones

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Home Help

Our care services will include home help services to ensure our clients’ comfort. This includes tidying up, cooking and preparing meals, and running errands, among other things.

Personal Care

To help the elderly maintain their independence by living at home, we will provide services that they may need help with, including personal care services such as getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, bathing and washing, grooming, and more.

Live In

All of our services also come with a live-in option. Not only does this increase convenience, but it may also be essential for some – rest assured that we will look after your loved ones’ safety at all times.


Our home care services won’t stop at work – we understand the importance of providing company to seniors, and will do so by making care plans, suggesting activities, and even partaking with the client in such activities. These may involve singing, arranging flowers, playing cards, reading, or simply talking and sharing stories.


Our mission is to provide the Irish population with quality care services and supply professional caregivers who are highly trained and culturally competent. 

We emphasize the importance of continuity of care, and train our staff to make sure that this is never compromised. 

Simply put, our mission is to revolutionize the Irish home care industry, and set new standards for excellence – because we believe that nothing less is acceptable! Why, you ask? We do, because we care.


Big Heart Care Services take great pride in looking after older people and those with disabilities – this stems from the Nigerian culture of looking after the elderly and respecting them and their wisdom. 

Anthonia and Remi have elderly parents who are being cared for in their country of origin. Because of this, we have first-hand experience of what it feels like to entrust your loved one to someone else. We work in good conscience and follow a basic rule – to treat clients the way we would want our loved ones to be treated. 

Resulting from this is our motto: We do, because we care. 

Anthonia cared for our 88 year old mum who required personal care due to failing eyesight from July 2007 to September 2009. I remember the first day Anthonia arrived to meet our mum, bouncing into our Kitchen, full of life and energy. Mum and Anthonia hit it off immediately. She is kind, gentle, warm- hearted and always treated mum like she was special. She was generous with her time calling round on special occasions. Mum loved to keep up with the news and Anthonia was able to relate to mum on any topic of interest. She stayed overnight in the house which gave the family a sense of comfort knowing that mum was well cared for and could call on Anthonia at any time. Anthonia is an excellent carer, professional and thoughtful.
Cathy Quilan
Past Client

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We’ve compiled in our “Resources” page all the questions our clients asked us and more. If one is missing, please fill out a “contact us” form and ask us all the questions you need, we’ll be more than happy to answer.

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